EWP-D50C2465 12~24V (635GPH) Brushless Water Pump

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EWP-D50C2465 12~24V (635GPH) Brushless Water Pump

Postby admin » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:25 am

EWP-D50C2465 24V 3 phase water pump with speed controller


Power: DC12~24V
Current: 3.5A@24V, 1.6A@12V
Output: 40.0L/m (635 GPH) @24V or 380GPH @ 12V
Pressure: 9.3psi @24V
Motor: DC 3 phase coil, more torque and quiet
Power: 84Watt/ 19.2Watt
Speed control(3 wires): 0-5V analog
Intake: G1/2 (1/2")
Outlet: G1/2 (1/2")
Vertical left: 6.5m (21ft)
Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~10,00rpm
Noise: << 38dB
Working Temp: 100'C/ 212'F (non-submersed)
Envir Temp: <50'C
Size(L*W*D): See "More images for the exact dimension"
Weight (net): 16.0oz
Note: Red + 5V Black Ground, Yellow: speed control. Use a 5K ohm 1/2W variable resistor (yellow to the center tap) for speed control.
Warning: Do not let it run dry without water!

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