Fake 200mW IR LED

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Fake 200mW IR LED

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:29 pm

Recently I found that many eBay sellers are selling so called "200mW IR LED" in extremely low price. It's even cheaper my cost. I found that they're not selling a real 200mW IR led (3chips) but all they are selling is a single chip IR LED. It's impossible for a single chip can sustain as high as 130mA current without cooling. Scary!

People buy those LED may find that it works in the first couple hrs or days. The IR light get weaker gradually till die out. I can't believe that those guys are copying all my info and specification then 'plug' it into their item and lie about it. :oops:

Watch up when doing eBay with foreign seller. You may lose more than what you gained!

See pictures of the difference between a single chip and a triple chip IR LED. Pay attention to the small image taken from the top view, you can count the chip. The 1st image, there are 3 chips and the 2nd pic showing a single chip only. We used to carry both 1chip and 3chip but found that most people interested in 3chips other than the 1chip. So, we dropped the single chip. But those guys on eBay just don't care and make up the power.
Triple chips (3x) IR LED
10mm LED IR.jpg
Single chip 1x Chips IR LED

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