LightObject 1600W Water chiller

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LightObject 1600W Water chiller

Postby Tech_Marco » Sat May 30, 2015 12:42 am

We have developed a newer model water chiller: LO-1600W

The cooling power is summarized as following:
1) Support a 150W tube in continuously mode (non-stop)
2) Support two 150W tubes in normal operation
3) Support four Reci 80W in normal operations
4) Support two 120W tubes in continuously mode (non-stop)

Compare to CW5200, our chiller control unit is a micro-processor control with large LCD display instead of a simple LED control. It comes with a more powerful compressor and better quality parts. The freon is DuPont R410A which is RoHS.

We will roll out a dual head model and smaller model on next ocean shipment. The smaller model is good for a single 120W running in normal operation. Plus, we will carry some water evaporator cooler (no compressor) which is good for up to 60W tube or 3KW CNC router


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