Laser machine parts info/purchase

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Laser machine parts info/purchase

Postby roby101 » Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:06 am

I am building a co2 laser machine based on the 2.x project at that will have a 40/60W laser tube (not yet sure which power to buy).
Most mechanical parts have been ordered. I will be using an old PC with Linux and EMC2.
I have the following questions for the purchase of parts from Light Object.

- I need 3 NEMA 17, two EMOT-42HS02 and one with double shaft (EMOT-42HSM03)
- are the mini 2 phase 1.5A drivers ok for the above motors?
- the ECNC-5XBO-V5 - 5 axis break-out board for CNC stepping motor. Supports Mach3 and KCam (I presume it also supports EMC2 and can handle the above mini drivers?).

- Would a 20L/min water pump be enough or too much for the above?

- Is a standard head sufficient or should i go with the pro? I could see is the LSR-LHSET-ZG combo kit but I believe it is not air assisted, which I would prefer to have.

- Could you suggest a combination of lens' and mirrors? There is an interesting selection (Si plated, ZnSe, GaAs...) that makes it difficult to choose from as sizes vary too (18mm - 35mm).

- is it ok to go with a 24V like the EPS-D24V5APS or would a 36V power supply be more efficient?

SPINDLE (other project)
You have a .75W 220V VFD. Will you also have a .8W water cooled spindle for sale in the near future?

I know, a lot of questions... :-/
Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Laser machine parts info/purchase

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:54 am

I don't know the specification of Bart's 2.x kit much. You need to find out the peak current of the motor is running. In most case, the M415 is OK for Nema 17 as it provide peak 1.5A

The driver board has nothing to deal with the power or so. It just send out TTL siginal (0V or 5V) to the motor driver to drive a motor.

Depends on the altitude you put the laser at. Usually a 8L~15L pump is good enough. Remember that the flow rate is measure at horizontal level. If the tube is about 4ft high, probably you lose 40% flow rate

LSR-LHSET-ZG is air-assisted. But it is using non popular mirror/lens size. Most our laser head are air-assisted except an old one for K40 which is built without air-assisted

For large machine like 1200x900, 900x600, you should get 25mm mirror and 20mm focus lens. For smaller machine like 600x400 or 500x300, there is nothing wrong to use the same size mirror set. To avoid the bulky mount, you may use 20mm/18mm combination. ZnSe is very popular for the focus lens and "Si" base (not glass) is popular used mirror

To drive motor, higher voltage is more efficiency than lower. So 36V is a good choice

To cool off spindle, even a 3.8L pump + a water cooler block is good enough. ... -P698.aspx ... -P396.aspx
or ... -P511.aspx (for bigger spindle like 1.5KW)



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Re: Laser machine parts info/purchase

Postby roby101 » Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:21 pm

Thank you for the info.

So to summarize, I can order the following as they will work together:
- mirror mounts LSR-MIRMNT01
- lens mount LSR-LH1820B
- mirrors LSR-MIR20MSI
- focus lens LSR-LEN18ZN5I

The NEMA 17 stepper motors you sell have peak of 1.8 and 2.0A so I believe they are to big for the mini driver ECNC-2M415 (since it has a peak of 1.5A).

In reference to the spindle I was wandering if you will be selling a 800W spindle (with water cooling) in the near future.



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