Complete parts list to build a high speed DIY laser PR530

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Complete parts list to build a high speed DIY laser PR530

Postby Tech_Marco » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:14 am

This is a part list to include most parts needed to build a high speed DIY CO2 laser with the PR530 (500x300) XY stage.
Laser power is 40W (SPT 850mm) and control is by Element E-5. You may upgrade the DSP to LO-X7 or upgrade the laser tube to 1M long (45W) without changing power supply. Or, you can upgrade it to 60W but laser power supply need to upgrade as well

Part List:
1 SPT 850mm CO2 Sealed Laser Tube (40W) $195.00 $195.00
1 20W~45W PWM CO2 Laser Power Supply (AC110V) $205.00 $205.00
1 High speed PR530 500*300 XY stage DIY laser kit $585.00 $585.00
2 2 Phase 4.2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver. Support to Nema 16~34. Leetro replacement $42.00 $84.00
3 19mm High quality Si Plated Reflection Mirror $27.50 $82.50
1 High quality 15.0mm ZnSe Focus lens (F50.8mm) $49.00 $49.00
1 DC 24V 15A Switching Power Supply. Good for CNC Stepping Motor Drive $44.50 $44.50
1 3 digit Mini Blue LED DC 100mA meter. Ideal for CO2 Laser power indicator(100mA) $13.50 $13.50
1 2405S DC-DC 5V (2Watt) Isolated Power Module. Ideal for 24V system $8.50 $8.50
1 AC electricity EMI filter 20A $17.50 $17.50
2 Magnetic limit switch $4.50 $9.00
20 2 wires Limit switch/ sensor cable $0.25 $5.00
20 3 wires Limit switch/ sensor cable $0.25 $5.00
1 Emergency Push Button Switch with lock $9.50 $9.50
1 135W Air compressor/ pump for CO2 laser AC110V $85.00 $85.00
1 Small DC 30mA Analog Panel Meter $9.50 $9.50
20 8X12 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling $0.75 $15.00
15 5X8 Silicon Flex Tube for Air Assistance or Water Cooling $0.35 $5.25

a) DSP E-5 can be upgraded to AWC608 or LO-X7 with by an extra of $100 to $130
b) 40W laser tube can be upgraded to 45W by extra $30. Use same laser power supply
c) XY stage comes as a kit. Hands on construction is required.
d) Water chiller is an optional but highly recommended. Keep water temperature at 23'C

S/H $150.00
SubTotal $1,712.75
Total: $1,862.75
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