CO2 Laser Power Supply (40W,60W,80W,120W)

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CO2 Laser Power Supply (40W,60W,80W,120W)

Postby admin » Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:09 pm

Connection of this manual is compitable to most power CO2 supply range from 40W to 130W.
What you need to pay attention is the water pump "P" or "W" terminal. You have to ground it in order to enable the PS. Power control VR is 5K ~ 10K 1/2Watt. To fire the laser without power control, what you need to do:
1) Connect +5V to the "IN"
2) Ground water pump
3) Connect +5V to "H" or ground the "L" (better to use a push button to serves as a Fire button)

In some model, there is D+ D- instead of the "H", "L" and you use it to serves as a Fire button
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