AWC608 and LO-X7 connection diagram

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AWC608 and LO-X7 connection diagram

Postby Tech_Marco » Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:28 pm

Manual: AWC608



Connection diagram:

1) The configuration setting is default to the K40 machine. For other types of laser machines, the configuration needs to change accordingly.
For example, the motor driver and it's current need to be changed based on the stepping motor specification. The microstepping may need to change to from 1/16(3200) to 4000 or 5000
2) For bigger machines with higher current motors, you may want to use DC36V or 48V to power the motor driver instead of DC24V currently used on the diagram. It has better efficiency with higher DC voltage to the motor.
3) For bigger wattage laser tubes, you should NOT use an Emergency switch as the circuit breaker because it can't handle over 3A current. You may want to install a solenoid (mechanic relay) or a SSR (Solid State relay) to serves as a current breaker.
4) Turn off any anti-virus program when doing a LaserCad installation or OS upgrade. You may need to remove all files saved in the DSP memory before doing OS upgrade.

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