Retrofit ULS X100 With RF 100W tube

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Retrofit ULS X100 With RF 100W tube

Postby gregggemin » Sun May 13, 2018 1:31 pm

I have a old universal laser with a coherent diamond g 100 laser in it, laser tube manual below ... manual.pdf

I have gotten the motors to move and home and am now working on getting the laser to fire....

My plan is to connect the PWM to PIN 7 MOD+ and flip the PWM signal and connect it to PIN 20 MOD-

Then connect TTL to PIN 3 ENABLE and GND to PIN 15 RETURN

I am testing the signals and the TTL from the dose not change when I push the laser button on the user interface. I as expected the TTL is the on an off and when I press the laser button I should see the TTL go low or high. Is that what I should be seeing?


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