DSP E5 will it engrave same quality as X7

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DSP E5 will it engrave same quality as X7

Postby tprothma » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:01 pm

I'm trying to laser engrave images and I purchased the E5 today.

Jin at Lightobjects was very helpful today and we even printed a sample with an E5 controlled machine in the showroom because I wasn't sure about E5 vs X7 and he indicated they would give the same quality. As I understood it, the difference in the controllers was mostly bells and whistles that should not affect finished quality (such as larger, color display, etc...).

It seemed we had to use dithering on a B&W image. I've since been researching and the more I'm looking into this the more I think that it's not the same as true grayscale that I'd want for best quality. Am I understanding this correctly???

I'm not going to even attempt installation until I'm sure I've got the right controller.


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