Element E5 outputs not working

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Element E5 outputs not working

Postby fnaranjob » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:49 am

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an Element E5 DSP, I just finished the machine build and it's working very well!, I just have one problem though, the outputs of the card don't seem to be working, I've been using the AWC608 and X7 controllers before and never had a problem with the outputs, but in this DSP they seem to ever activate, I normally use the OUT1 output to drive a 24Volt Relay that powers an hour meter (that helps me with maintenance, and to keep track of the tube's life) and an air solenoid valve for air assist, in the other cards this output is active when the machine is working and is disabled when it's idle, I tested with a voltmeter on the E5 and both OUT1 and OUT2 are always disabled (always 0 volts), is there a way to activate them in Lasercad?, maybe a firmware issue?

Hopefully this has a solution, my customers are used to those features and I'd really like to be able to offer them with the E5 controller too.

Thank you in advance

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