JLD 5740 AC/DC Ammeter

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JLD 5740 AC/DC Ammeter

Postby nmatzinger@tds.net » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:47 pm

1st The manual for the JLD 5740 AC/DC Ammeter needs to be updated: entering data into the programmable meter.
1. Press the enter button, to enter programming mode.
2. Input Password by using right, down and up buttons.
3. Press the enter button to accept password.
4. Press enter, press right, down and up buttons to set parameters.
5. Press enter button to accept the code.
6. Press set to go to the next step.
Do steps 4 through 6 until all parameters are entered for that password.
After the last parameter is entered, by pushing set - end comes up.
7. Press enter button.

2nd JLD 5740 AC/DC Ammeter -- Meters are reading low compared to previous readings or on clamp-on meter. Since I am using input type setting - code 6(0 to 100 mA); how do I tell the meter what the maximum ma that the CT is going to put out. What is the password that I need to enter that information? Example display 1- 0, input low 1 - 0, display 2 - 100. input hi - 5. I need to be able to enter input hi data. The only data I can enter in password (0036), "PvL, PvH, dot, Filt and End".

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