circles not cutting round issue

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circles not cutting round issue

Postby dean448 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:51 pm

I think I may have solved this issue and my apologizes if someone else posted this solution

I found that my machine wasn't cutting circles as others have posted. In fact any curved object was not correct.
it tended to jerk when it starts rotating and the circle had flats on all four sides.
when you consider how it was cutting it seemed like it was following a low resolution pattern. Like a highway alert sign made up of a pattern of lights. Question is it the software or hardware.

I'm using digital drives that can be set at different pulse per revs using a series of switches. KL series.
My setting was set at 63 um meaning that every pulse it travels 63 um. This is also a belt drive with a ~25 tooth pulley.
So the cut is traveling up the side of a circle and is having issues following the true shape of that circle with this low resolution. Basically producing flats on four sides of the circle.

I think my setting was 1600 on the drive and I increased it to 25000 which brought the setting down to 4 um in Raycam which it now is producing round circles. its not jerking anymore and rapids don't seem to be effected. would be nice to go below 4 but I think that involves smaller pulleys or two reduction pulleys.

this machine use to have a G540 drive which doesn't have settings for resolution. it also produced perfect circles. I would have purchased another one if I could have found a way to hook it up to this controller.

Anyway It seems good for now after reading a bunch of posts talking about backlash in the system I thought it might be helpful to also bring up drive resolution. I guess this serves as a warning to not try to use standard stepper drives with really low steps per revolution on this controller.

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