AWC 608 and Rotary adapter

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AWC 608 and Rotary adapter

Postby vindelsbek » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:26 pm

I have purchased this Roller Rotary Engraving Attachment ( ... ucts_id=13) for my Rabbit Laser Model LS1290. I have upgraded to the AWC 608 controller and upgraded the software to ver. Lasercad V7.88 -
Now my question is how to make my setup in the software as I can see that the menu "Enable Rotate Engrave" in the advance menu is gone. I remember it was there in Lasercad V7.82
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Re: AWC 608 and Rotary adapter

Postby Techgraphix » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:22 am

I see that it's an frictionroller-type Rotary. That makes it easy as the circumference of the frictionrollers is the only thing that counts. It doesn't matter if your object has a diameter of 20 or 100mm, the ratio is always the same.
Then you have to modify your machine first: Probably you have set up the AWC608 to move the head to one of the corners at power-up (homeposition). And here is where the problems start: Normaly you should connect the Rotary to the Y-driver but that can not be done while the machine is on and if you have connected the Rotary to the Y-driver it will not find the homeposition at power on (or you have to push the powerless gantry to that position manually)
BUT there is a neat solution for that:
You need an extra stepperdriver and a switch (a Rotary Multi switch for instance) normaly this switch is set to normal operation. In that position, the driver of the Rotary is disabled. It is safe to connect or disconnect the motor from the driver when the machine is ON when it is disabled.
You can power up the machine and it will home and can be placed on top of your object on the Rotary.
Then you switch over to Rotary-mode. The Y-driver will stay enabled (to keep the position fixed) but the DIR and PULSE to the Y-driver will be diverted to the Rotary-drivers DIR and PULSE. Also, the Rotary drive will be enabled. You can also switch a lamp to indicate it is in Rotary-mode.
If that works, you have to find out the right microstepping for the Rotary-driver to get the right ratio. If you come close to the right size, say 100mm will be engraved as 105mm, You can scale your picture in lasercad to be 100/105 % in height. This number is fixed, as your friction-rollers Always have the same circumference.

As you notice here, with this methode you can forget about the "Enable Rotate Engraving".


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