MARCO or Others - - RAYCAM V18 Info Please

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MARCO or Others - - RAYCAM V18 Info Please

Postby overkill71 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:15 pm

Got one of my DSP's (LO-X7) upgraded and so far everything is doing great. U axis works fine for rotary engraving. I am running RayCam of course. I see it has where you can select inch or MM. Being that I am in the US I want inch so I selected that. So far I cant see what good that does. Any file I draw I have to convert it to metric in order to import it. Also the "Measure" feature still shows metric lengths.

I don't use Corel to draw and port over, I actually use Aspire, the same software I use for both of my CNC routers. I draw in Vectric Aspire software and export the vectors as DXF files then import to RayCam and LaserCad depending on which one of my laser I am going to use. Only one upgraded so far. Will be sending the other LO-X7 in to upgrade in about a week after I run this upgraded one a while to ensure I will have no problems.

Is this in the works to allow a drawing in done in inch to be directly imported to RayCam? When I import a drawing done in inch it imports it but extremely tiny because its coming in as metric. Being that LO is in Cali (USA) you would think we could get a true inch version over here...

Also, when I have the U axis enabled the up and down arrows now move the U axis...anyway to have this do the correct Y axis still and not the U axis, I never need to Jog the U axis....

Love the upgrade and RayCam, not griping, just asking here....

Marco, any help here would be great?


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Re: MARCO or Others - - RAYCAM V18 Info Please

Postby Tech_Marco » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:57 pm

Believe me, I have made times or request but the programmer never taken it into serious consideration. I been asking all those features years ago. Even with some features added, he never made it perfect and left many 'holes' unfilled. I'm tired to make any suggestion to this programmer. Speaking of that, I'm bringing another DSP to the market. As I made post to other threads, this team is more aggressive and willing to take my advise!


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