LaserCAD unable to communicate with X7 DSP

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Re: LaserCAD unable to communicate with X7 DSP

Postby dean448 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:39 pm

my experience installing a wifi card to the LAN jack of the X7 so I don't have to connect to the USB. also WIN10
using a vonets VAP11G with what looks like a serial number following that number. Blue module purchased off amazon.

first step was to get the wifi module to connect to the home router. proof that it was connected is that I was able to connect to the device using my PC and get to the intranet, instead of connecting directly to the router. also blue lights are flashing really fast.

Followed the instructions in the raycam manual and got nowhere. communications unsuccessful!
even thought something wrong with X7 because no lights like you would see on a PC LAN jack.

the IP of my PC is and I matched that in the raycam software under select mode>network mode. no luck
Found the network settings in the menu>network section of the controller and also put it there. no luck.

Changed the number to in both the raycam software and in the controller under menu>Network and it now works.
The trailing 0 matches nothing on my PC but is loaded in the software and controller.
I'm sure the manual is telling me to do what I did, but it is not clear.
hopefully this helps.

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