AWC708C (LO-X7) TTL always 4.7v and no PWM sig.

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AWC708C (LO-X7) TTL always 4.7v and no PWM sig.

Postby tonynz » Sun May 15, 2016 3:01 am

Hello all.
I recently purchased the above dsp/box direct from LO, and all axis are setup and operating ok.
My 100W laser tube is from Spectral - in Italy, and runs ok with old Testra controller.
Testra USA is an absolute nightmare to setup, and use for engraving,
as well as being $500 just for the windows7 driver!)

So decided to upgrade to Lightobject, because I've seen many good reviews.

The problem I have is that there is a constant 4.7V output on the TTL, while idle,
and also, does not change when running a cut.

Also the PWM (I measured) has no voltage or output at all, no matter what freq I set.

I've changed so many settings over the last 6 hours,
I think I've been through the lot twice over.

Have checked all power settings, and am finally concluding, maybe the AWC unit is faulty,
or needs new firmware, which I'm unsure if I can do, or if it will fix the problem.

Has anyone had similar, or know of a fix for this?

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: AWC708C (LO-X7) TTL always 4.7v and no PWM sig.

Postby toughpi » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:34 am

Just in case you still have issues, I had the exact same problem. Found in the forums that you need to have both input cables from the awc708 to the display attached, regardless of if your connecting 2 lasers. Just completed my upgrade over the weekend, couldnt be happier. Using original laser psu for now, biggest issue was working out if it had pwm or not, as it doesnt have the same pinout as everything else I could find. All up and running now.

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