3 Digit Mini Blue LED DC 100mA Meter

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3 Digit Mini Blue LED DC 100mA Meter

Postby MrHarley » Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:00 am

I purchased the E5 upgrade kit which has the 3 Digit Mini Blue LED DC 100mA Meter included.
If the reading displayed, eg 10.0, is that 10.0mA?
When i done a trial cut through 3mm plywood, surprisingly, it done that in one single pass @ 8 mm/s) with the blue meter displaying 06.5, i found that to be if i had used the conventional dial/pot at that setting would have needed 2 passes to cut it before installing the upgrade.
How do you regulate the DSP not to over power the laser which i have read should be no higher than 12mA for the k40 laser tube?
I have the work space set to software origin and have the Manufacturer parameters max power set to 50%. If set higher, the meter reading gets really close to damaging the lase tube, thats if what i understand the blue meter is telling me.

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