Raycam Vs Lasercad

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Raycam Vs Lasercad

Postby TheSniper » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:41 am

A few things.
1 is it possible: To make it easier for everyone (you included) to have a post describing the diferences between Raycam And LaserCad. or a separate forum with posts indicating the same. Trying to look up What how etc.. is very frustrating. Along with no real documentation.

So: perhaps a sample layout

1: Something describing Why and how to go to RayCam the steps cost etc..
2: what to expect when going to Raycam how to get your machine back up and running etc...
3: the differences to already in place features. and how to deal with them.
4: the New features and how to deal with them.
5: anything new beyond the scope of anything left out above.
6: how to get back to Lasercad.if Raycam just does not fit.

I know you have grown tired of the pains of Raycam. But those of us who supported you along the way. are still in need. and have no where to turn when looking for information. I can say I just had you take my X7 from Lasercad to Raycam. No documentation? having to sift thru the forum? with no real idea if the answers even exist. Im glad to help if need be. As Im sure others would or might too. crossing the finish line is the goal. lets get their..

You hold the keys to this. this is why everyone looks towards you. simple as that,. don't leave us hanging :)

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Re: Raycam Vs Lasercad

Postby Tech_Marco » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:44 am

Original plan was that there should be a 'lot' of difference between RayCam and LaserCad. But the fact (I surrounded) is that beside the rotary feature, there is no difference between LaserCad and Raycam. All controller shipped after Oct 2016 came with Raycam and therefore we no longer provide updated LaserCad after 7.92. Don't be unhappy that because I can tell you that there is really not much you need on 'updated' laserCad. The software is very stable and it covered most things you need. For those so called updated, unless there is 'big bug', all changes were insignificant and most of those changed were made to accommodate special need for some manufacturer in China. If there is some special feature found on later LaserCad, I'll in include it in RayCam. For those guy who is using LaserCad, unless necessary, there is no need to run any update patch!


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