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Read me before posting your question

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:06 am

Q: When DSP card is powered up, both X and Y motors do not move or just move a little, why is that?

Ans: In most cases, this issue is due to the improper ‘um’ (micro stepping) setting.

There is a ‘um’ calculator built in on LaserCad. You need to make a small cut for a square like 50mm x 50mm (any size). Enter the expect value, in this example ‘50mm’, then enter the actual value from the cutting. The calculator will come up a proper ‘um’ for the motor setting. Note, if the XY stage is not moving at all, try one of these ‘um’ to make the stage starting moving: 4, 4.5, 6, 6.5, 9, 12.6. Then redo the calibration again

Q: When I cut or engrave a graphic, the scale was not right. How to fix it?
Ans: It is due to the improper ‘um’ (micro stepping) setting

Solution: Use the built-in ‘um’ calculator on the LaserCad to find the correct ‘um’ value.
Create a square in size of 25mm x 25mm, use laser to cut it out. Measure the actual size of the square in both X and Y side. Then, enter ‘Expect value 25mm”, then enter the actual value of the X and Y. A correct ‘um’ value will be obtained.

Q: I found that the X and Y move in opposite direction when the machine is turned on. What did I do wrong?

A: Nothing is wrong.

Solution: Open LaserCad, -> Option, -> Manufacturer Parameters , then change the ‘Datum’ from Negative to Positive or the other way around. Save it then Press “RESET” on the LCD control panel to apply the change

Q: The X and Y motors run properly when homing after reset is hit. But they run in opposite direction when the arrow buttons control are used. How to fix this problem?

Ans: User LaserCad parameter setting, change the “Key direction” status will fix it. Make sure to Save the change and press “RESET” button to apply the change.

Q: When the XY gantry is homing, it collides with the frame without stopping even though it touches the limit switches. Is there anything wrong?

Ans: Check the continuity of the limit switches. It must be type or ‘Normally opened” (N.O.) When engaged, the switches close the contact. When released, it is opened circuit. Connect the limit switches to the X-/Gnd & Y-/Gnd of DSP

Q: My machine size is 500mm x 300mm. But when I make a cut of 300mm x 200mm, the laser head slams on the frame. Does it cause problem?

Ans: It is scale error due to the incorrect ‘um’ value. Using the ‘um’ calculator to fine tune the um will fix the issue.

Q: I always receive “Beyond size error” even though I locate my workpiece in the center of the work screen. What is wrong with that?

Ans: There are a couple of reasons causing this error message
1) Acceleration is set too low. You need to increase the value of acceleration. For example, if you have X at 5000, try setting it to 10,000
2) The object is placed too close to the margin of the page. Remember that both X and Y gantry need some space to accelerate in order to reach the speed specified on the job. Placing the object too close to the margin does not allow enough space for accelerating. Moving the object farther from the margin may fix the problem
3) The speed was set too high and the distance for acceleration is limited. You need to lower the speed
4) Double check the “Work Space” parameter setup and make sure that both “Machine Zero” and “Page zero” are matching the HOME (limit switch location) setting. For example, if your HOME is on the Top Left, then make sure the Machine zero and the Page zero are set to the Top Left.
5) On the menu bar, check the status of the “Position Relatives” and let it match the HOME location.

Q: I have maximum speed 600mm/s on X and 300mm/s on Y. But when I do a cutting test, the machine always run as slow as 300mm/s. Why?

Ans: For cutting, the machine is using the slowest speed between the X and Y settings. In this case, Y is the slowest so the machine will run both X and Y at 300mm/s. But when you do engraving, the X will run fast at 600mm/s and the Y will run at 300mm/s.

Q: When I cut a square, there are a couple of missing cut. For the square, I find that four edges are cut but the corners are not cut at all. Why is that?

Ans: For cutting, there are two power setup: MaxPower% (for straight line) and Cornering power (turning). You need to set the power for both. Usually the cornering power is 70% of the MaxPower. For example: if you put down 50% on the MaxPower, then you should put down 35 on the cornering power

Q: When I press the “Laser” button, nothing happens. Everything seems working normal but no laser. When I press the “Test” button or bypass the DSP, I could see laser firing. What is wrong?

Ans: Check the ‘WP’ on the laser power supply (LPSU) connection. Either connect it to the GND (ground) or hook up a normally opened water protection switch across the WP and GND. If WP is opened (not ground), it disables the laser power supply. It needs to be grounded to enable the LPSU

Q: When laser is firing, the LCD screen fades out and resets itself. Why?

Ans: There is EMI (electromagnetic field) causing the resetting. Usually it is due to the poor grounding. You need to make sure that the laser power supply (LPSU) and the machine case is grounded. Double check that the AC outlet has a true grounding plug. Some houses built in 1970 or older may not have a ground wire built in. In that case, water pipe is the best grounding!

Q: When I engrave a box, I find that the box is a little slope instead of straight. How to fix the problem

Ans: It is called ‘backslash’. You may slow down the engraving speed to correct the backslashing. If it doesn’t help, go to Manufacturer Parameter and change the ‘Pulse edge’. If it is currently on ‘Negative’, change it to ‘Positive’ or vice versa

Q: I want to do upgrade my DSP but the card can’t read the USB memory card. Why?

Ans: You must format the USB memory card with FAT32. Sometimes you may need to recycle power on the machine with the USB memory card inserted.

Q: My object is placed on the top left of the work space. However, when it starts engraving, it starts from some place else. How to correct it?

Ans: There are three ‘Origin” modes built-in: Machine origin, Software origin, and Key origin. If you want the laser starts at the exact location of the software work space, you need to switch to “Software origin”. The most common one is the Key Origin. You move the laser head to location where you like to start a job, press ‘Origin’ on the LCD control unit then the job will start from that spot.

Q: The engrave/cut object was reversed or upside down. How do I fix it?

Ans: Check out 'Position Relatives' on the menu bar and make sure that the setting match the HOME location. For example, if the HOME is on the Top Left, then the Position Relatives must be set to the Top Left also

Q: Even I set the power to 25% for my job, , the LCD is showing 50% when it start engraving. Why?

Ans: There are two different power controls: LCD control and Software control. In that case, change the mode to the Software control.

Prepared by Marco. 2015
Assistance: Derek

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