30W Fiber Optics engraving machine

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30W Fiber Optics engraving machine

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:26 am

Just received a custom order of a 30W Fiber optics machine two days ago. Ran a sample test and I was amazed that it was just 10W more than my 20W one but engraving and cutting power vs. speed was 3~4 times faster. So, what would happen if I get a 100W or 200W then. Bingo! It can cut through stainless 3~5mm in one pass

I am trying to build a metal cutter with a 200W fiber opicsblaser module using my XY stage. It roughly cost $50,000. Yes I know what you say it is pricy. But, compare to brand name or plasma or CO2, it is not. Plus, it last much longer than YAG or solid pp that need to replace "fuel" in a month or two. And, it cut finer than plasma or CO2. I am talking anout less than 1mm gap


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