Back into glass etching

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Back into glass etching

Postby jjpumphrey » Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:52 pm

Hello all,
I've been upgrading my K40 set up and with my new 600w ( chiller I am able to run all night, well until I run out of beer...
My latest is 'ol glory' done in glass. I have 3 layers, each layer is a different color. The original graphic came from a vector graphics site (purchased) and I used Illustrator CC to work the image so LaserCad can work with it. I save the Illustrator file in a version 8 copy which imports well into LaserCad.
Once in LaserCad, I can set which objects get engraved for each run and with the stock window panes, I am running at 11% power at 100m/sec speed.
The LEDS are silicone glued to the side of the glass and I will be using the TLC-4950 PWM chips to drive the LEDS. With PWM control I have the ability to sequence the LEDs and PWM also gives a power control to help extend the life of the LEDs as I can set intensity levels.
Attached are pics of the current progress. I hope to have the LED drive finished this weekend but you can see where this is going. The sample images only have one LED per layer engaged just for a quick preview.

I'll follow up once the LED drive is complete. :D

quick sample in regular ambient light
quick sample in darken room
red layer
blue layer
white layer

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Re: Back into glass etching

Postby Dhart1971 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:07 pm

That looks really neat!


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Re: Back into glass etching

Postby jjpumphrey » Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:43 pm

Dhart1971, thank you! :)

I have the beta version assembled, see pics below. I was going to go with a solid backing but with this on my bench, I kinda like the transparency. Make the flag look like it's floating in mid air. Unfortunately you can't see the 3-D effect from the pics.
I ran into a issue with the power regulator that is supporting power for the LEDs. I am at half heat dissipation in open air and if I seal the circuit board up it will get hotter. I have adjusted the PWM parameters of the tcl5940 chips and have a good lighting with the heatsink at ~58 c.
I'm looking for a better heatsink and may just have to install a 2nd 5 volt regulator to help drive the LEDs. Currently there are 32 LEDs.
I do plan to sequence the LEDs to try for a ripple effect as if the wind is gently blowing on the flag, but thats for another weekend.

Well this is just a quick update. I hope to have some time to start building the wood frame this weekend.
Y'all have a great evening! :D

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