Glass etching with animation

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Glass etching with animation

Postby jjpumphrey » Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:06 am

Here's a cool glass etching animation. Please see links below.

The flames are animated using 3 layers of glass, each layer a different flame shape. The top layer is the face of the graphic.

I am using an Arduino Uno to drive two TLC-5940 LED PWM driver chips to provide the random flash color color sequencing.
Each flame graphic on each glass layer is being lit with a RGB LED that is flat and close to the thickness of the glass so mounting the LED is easy and I can keep the spacing between the glass layers close.
The face is being lit with a 4" white cold cathode lamp, might change this to RGB LEDs so I can change the color on the fly.
I am working on adding a couple of LEDs to each flame graphic to brighten the flames and a overall mask to hide the ambient light coming from the LEDs.

This is not the final product but its close.. :)

The links to the pics and video files are below.

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