Small Chinese laser machine K40 / D40

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Small Chinese laser machine K40 / D40

Postby Tech_Marco » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:38 pm

Background of K40 - manufactured by ShenHui in Jinang, China

The original K40/D40 small Chinese machine comes with "Moshi" controller and software. It's main purpose is to use it to create 'stamp'. The controller and software are really bad designed and crash all time. The system is not designed for fine image engraving or cutting. To some extend, it's good for average job like making 'stamp chop'. When doing engraving, its scan rate is very slow and it look like a 'dot matrix' printer. Gray scale effect is 'zero' and quality is "D-". People who bought it most likely from eBay as it's 'cheap'
Well, you got what you paid for so no complain

We imported some of those machine and performed some modification. We took the 'gut' out and upgraded it into two model: Solo G-code and Solo DSP. Plus, we re-worked the XY alignment, mirrors setup, fan, and water pump. Even though it look like similar, but it's no longer the same machine as the original.

Solo G-Code: it works well under Mach3 or Kcam. The system is driven by a custom made 3-axis stepper controller board (TB6560). This setup is good for folks who has CNC background with need of precise controlling on X,Y

Solo DSP: it is driven by AWC608 DSP controller and it's graphic interface guru. It's good for people not in technical background like those CNC guy but enjoy fast turnaround time by output image from CorelDraw, Autocad or most graphic image imported by the come with LaserCad.

See picture below.

Recently I upgrade a K40 for a customer from Davis and I have taken a few pictures for the job. I'll post it in next few days. So, it's more clear for folks who want to do upgrade on their machine. The conversion isn't very hard but do need some basic electronic skill. Soldering work and drilling are required but not much. It seems that there are so many peopel have question about the K40 that's why I created a new catalog for all questions about the K40 aprt fro mthe DSP or the CO2 laser. You're welcome to leave question to this new catalog.

Solo DSP

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