Reading LED mA meter

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Reading LED mA meter

Postby Winstonc » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:10 pm

I have just finished converting my Chinese d40 laser having installed a X7 DSP upgrade kit which includes the 3 digit Mini Blue LED DC 100mA meter.

I have also installed the LO SPT 45W CO2 SEALED LASER TUBE (1M) which has a recommended current of 16mA with a max of 18mA. I am driving the tube with a LO 40W~60W PWM CO2 LASER POWER SUPPLY with a output current of 22mA (max 25mA).

My question is how to interpret the values being shown on the digital LED meter.

Example, when I set power to 90% in RayCam and run the job the LED meter shows 26.2 and when I set the power at 26% the meter reads 7.7.

I assume the meter is reading mA, but the tube max current is stated as 18mA. So am I right in assuming I am overdriving it at 90% power set in RayCam and the power setting of 90% is not really 90% power for the tube, but I guess 90% of the max current output of the LPSU.

So if I want 90% power of the tube, I need to set the power in RayCAM to whatever % gives me the recommended power of 16mA for the tube as shown on the LED meter?

Am I on the right track, or completely wrong.

Thanks for any help.


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