Newbie and his shitty K40 laser machine - not again...

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Newbie and his shitty K40 laser machine - not again...

Postby Solder » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:01 am


1st: may I introduce myself - I am an effects cooker - I am building sound effects as a hobby. I bought myself a KH-3020B 40 VA/Watts laser engraver, which is similar to a K40 clone. I live in Germany - 220V 50Hz power net. I am quite a newbie when it comes to laser engraving...

My applications for the engraver: I want to engrave inscriptions & patterns into the coating layers of my aluminum diecast enclosures. The enclosures are powder coated or coated with thin acrylic paints (airbrush). The aluminum itself won't be engraved.

My planned mods of the engraver:

a. A water flow switch and temperature limited switch in the water cooling systen, so the laser tube won't be powered in case there is no proper cooling.

b. Improvement of the ventilation system.

- The fan sucks a lot of air aside. I will screw it on, to let it suck air from the laser chamber only.
- An extra first fan sucking air into the chamber with the electronic parts of the laser for proper cooling of the electronics.
- An extra second fan sucking air from the electronics chamber to assist the removal of fume and smoke. This will also prevent the electronics from getting in contact with corrosive fumes/smoke from the laser chamber.
- The fume and air outlet slit in the laser chamber will be shortened as it is in the way of the laser beam.

c. Installation of an air assist with two laser-pointers on the head for better adjustment of the enclosures in the focal plane of the laser.

d. Eventual installation of light objects X7 DSP upgrade kit for D/K40 small CO2 laser machine (LSR-X7K40DSPKIT) - if it can be used here in Germany (220-240V @ 50 Hz power-net)

e. My enclosures are quite large. Allthough the surfaces to be engraved are plane, they aren't rectangular to each other but inclined a little. This requires another table:

- more depth (approx. 14 in), so I can engrave the sides of the larger enclosures. But the focal plane of the engravers laser remains the same.
- the inclined surface-problem is solved by making special wedged stands for the different enclosure types so the faces to be engaved are always in the lasers focal plane.

This requires the removal of the shitty table of the laser and to cut out the bottom of the laser chamber and building a higher socket made of sheet metal under the laser box.

2nd: I wrote to to Lightobject sales department a longer email the 13th November, but got no reply at all. I thought, before investing lots of money on things I don't need, it's better to ask questions first than to complain later. Here in Germany we have different standards than in the USA. Everybody who tried to find suitable connectors/adaptors from US to EU standards, can figure out the problems that can occur...
And in the descriptions of the offers aren't all the specifications of the devices in the kits listed.

But no reply unfortunately. Now I wonder why they don't respond. Is this quite normal? How's support?

Here are the questions I've asked them:

1st. About the K40 Z-axis table/bed Your offer (LSR-PWRTB320) - this would be a very nice addon:

- But I need more depth! The threaded rods and bearing rods that lift the table - are they available in a longer version, so I can make a much deeper version of the table? If they don't offer these rods - where can I buy them? Or are there other tables to be recommended?

-I plan to use the following parts in case I can modify that table:
Mini 2 Phase 2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver ECNC-ZLM3020 and
Stepping motor controller board & tester ECNC-SC04

Can I use these to drive the table? I have a 220Vac@50 Hz power net here in Germany...

2nd. The X7 DSP-Kit (LSR-X7K40DSP) - can I use it in Germany (220-240V @ 50 Hz power-net)? Is there anything else I will need to use it? Will I need a special power supply for it? Any special software? Is the software included in the offer?

And about the panel to mount this on - do I need a new one? Is this included or do I need to make one myself? If I have to do - is there a template file available?

3rd. I am asking about the X7 DSP-Kit in combination with the K40 table/bed. There is a led strip power supply in the kit. Can I use this to power the K40 Z-axis table/bed too or will I need a second led strip power supply?

4th. Has Lightobject an offer of an air assist noozle with two laser-pointers to be mounted onto the head?

5th. Which other parts will I need to feed an air assist nozzle with compressed air? I mean there must be a hose for the air and a mountable adaptor/connector to mount onto the enclosure of the engraver so I can feed air from my airbrush compressor from outside of the engraver into the air noozle in the inside in the end. I have an air compressor with 35 ~ 40 l/min with pressure of upto 6,0 bar, that uses 1/8" connectors...
Are these included in the X7 DSP kit?.

6th. Any hints or recommendations about my plans from the professionals?

7th. What delivery service will be used for shippments to Germany? Is a custom declaration service included or do I have to delcare the mail myself?

Sorry for my bad English. It's not my mother tongue You know...

Can You help me please, so I comprehend what I should buy in the end to get the laser engraver modified and running here in Germany in the end?

Thanks alot!


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