Finished K40 DSP upgrade

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Finished K40 DSP upgrade

Postby dencoarty » Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:20 pm

Greetings, My son and I just finished installing Light Object K40 DSP upgrade kit. We had very little difficulty, although we referred to Forum posts quite often. The PDF guide that Marco put together was invaluable. We had a good time doing this project and the laser is now usable whereas before with Moshi Draw, it was rather useless. Our first project was to cut a new front panel to hold the various components. There was a scrap of turquoise blue acrylic in the shop so we used that. We also engraved our company logo on the panel. We are using an inline 165 CFM blower to remove smoke and fumes. The blower came from a hydroponics store. I think we will make a large opening for the smoke to escape. Right now I just gutted the fan that came with the machine and hooked the duct to the empty case.
Thanks to Marco and all the people who contribute to this forum. You made our job much easier. I posted a few photos of our panel and some other stuff.
control panel.jpg
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Re: Finished K40 DSP upgrade

Postby Tech_Marco » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:39 am

Great job Scott!

If the K40 is fine tuned, it can cut hardware down to 9.5mm deep with 2mm/s speed. Or, it can cut 3.5mm acrylic with 5mm/s
Most K40 machine I have been working at were not having good mirrors/ lens alignment. It's not difficult to do the alignment but need some patience. You will be amazed to see the improvement once mirrors/lens fine tuned.

FYI, if you have used the air-assisted laser head (from me), you may find that the focus point was up by about 15mm. It's about the height of a honeycomb (300x200) we're carrying.


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