Need help building a LED Printed Circuit Board...

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Need help building a LED Printed Circuit Board...

Postby FIREMANJIM » Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:33 pm

Hey Guys. I am Jim Sanders. I am the owner of JTS Wildlife Cameras. I need to have someone design a PCB board for a LED Array. I will be buying the LED's and Drivers from the LightObject website. I need a efficient and super bright board using the 8mm LEDs in the 940nm and the 850nm light spectrum. After reading the specs on these 2 LED's they have the same voltage specs and what not. Since they have 3 chips in them I would say 24 LEDs in the array would be sufficient. Power source will be a 6v SLA battery. The PWM drivers are rated for 5-8v so this should work fine. I need someone to tell me how many LEDs in a series and how many strings to parallel. I can use the 3w or 5w PWM driver. Which ever will work best for the brightest application. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks...Jim Email is JTSWildlifeCameras@Gmail.Com :?:

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