EWP-D50C2465 24V 3 phase water pump Details.

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EWP-D50C2465 24V 3 phase water pump Details.

Postby longtimber » Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:56 pm

The EWP-D50C2465 24V 3 phase water pump with speed controller is an amazing Solar pump.
Works well connected to a 100W 36 cell mono PV Panel. No regulator is required since max working voltage is ~16V.
Peak Power for the pair is in High 40's watts which should give it long life if Installation details are handled well.

What is the warranty?
What is the IP rating of the Speed controller? ie. do I need to pot it since it's outdoors?
If I mount it in a filter sock for Irrigation drip system, I may have to
extend the SHORT cable between the pumps and controller , of course this has to be a water proof splice which takes experience to do correctly.
Can one just switch the 5V and In wires and get max speed for the pump. This would leave the Gnd wire not connected, or should it be
connected with a 10k Ohm resistor. What is recommended screen size for Intake? I have a stainless live well screen on it now, with has .100" mesh, but small area
for the flow rate.

What is max Depth?

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