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Postby baltoed » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:47 am

Looking to discuss questions I have about EWP-3801HT pump.

To manufacture rep : If this is manufactured here in the US why the weird sized outlets. :?:
Intake(Od/Id): 13.5mm/ 9mm Dia. (0.55"/0.36")
Outlet(Od/Id): 9.5mm/ 7mm Dia. (0.38"/0.28")

By observation its a add on item to the pump and can be removed or changed out ? (by a machinist-not me)

Ive been pretty complete when looking for internet information and it all comes back to Lightobject as the manufacture. Yet I can find no tubing or fitting adapter worldwide that will allow use of this pump. I like its feature set ( better if it was self prime ) But can not find a way to make use of it. If its manufactured outside the US then what country and what field is it used in It would be a much better seller for Lightobject if this information was made available


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