Product specifications and shippment

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Product specifications and shippment

Postby flowerslab » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:09 pm


1. I'm interested in your laser components :

laser head : LSR-LH1820B : ... -P701.aspx
: LSR-LENMNT01 : ... -P204.aspx

laser tube : LSR-JLD35WCO2 : ... -P208.aspx

laser hose : LSR-WTUBE8X12 : ... -P752.aspx

mirror mount : LSR-MIRMNT01 : ... -P205.aspx

But I could not get details of them. I need detailed specification such as overall length of the head or drawings, manufacturer, or

Optical spectrum, LI curve, VI curve, etc for the laser tube.

I can buy it only when I get the details of them. Please provide us with the details.

2. I wonder if it is possible to ship the items to South Korea. Please let me know the delivery date and shipping costs.

Thank you. :D

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