Mini CNC router

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Mini CNC router

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:58 pm

I just teamed up my friend for manufacturing DIY CNC router machine. Currently, there is a small desktop model just rolled out and ready for sales to the market. In the mean time, only 6 unit is available.

This mini router is build with PVC and is driven by a 3-axis stepping motor controller (included) that is available from my website. The working area of the router is 11" x 11". A completed system came with a 24V DC switching power supply, controller board, PVC base/frames, and a Dremo drill. Its ready to use. See art work created by the router.

For more info, please download the pdf file. Any question? Please feel free to drop a post or email me. I'll post a YouTube video in next couple days and I'll make more pictures for your review

The machine is targeted to $585 + S/H + tax (Ca only)

Mini D-Proto for lighobject.pdf
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Major components layout view.jpg
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