No output drive to motors from board????

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No output drive to motors from board????

Postby ron » Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:22 am

The board is successfully interfaced to a single board computer running turbocnc. The power supply for the stepper driver is a 24v, 10 amp. The stepper motors are 6 terminal unipolarity. The motors are connected to the board in the "high torque" manner shown in the instruction manual. The problem is that the motors get no drive. When the jog keys are used, the appropriate LED on the board lights up, showing that pulses are getting to the board. Using a scope, there are TTL level positive going pulses on the pulse pin of the parallel port for the axis being tested. The emergency stop switch is not active. Using a scope, there is no voltage, pulses, or anything on the motor drive pins while doing a jog.
The motors make a loud buzzing sound during bootup, which stops when DOS finishes loading. That seems to indicate that the drivers are capable of driving the motors.
What am I missing here? Is there some kind of inhibit that is doing this? I read the manual over and over and saw nothing that seems like it could stop all the output of the board. There is NO voltage at all coming out of the motor pins during jog. Is the board blown out somehow? (I have not had any accidents with the board) This has me stumped!

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Got it figured out! There is an enable pin on the parallel port that has to be active. It took a while to figure it out in turboCNC, with the large number of combinations in the software setup! No info on doing it in the turboCNC manual. It all works fine now!
It looks like the board (3 axis unit) has no startup control. The motors make a lot of noise during boot up. This stops as soon as DOS begins running. I will add a delay relay to delay the 24 volts to the board long enough for DOS to gain control of the port.
(the reason I'm using turboCNC is that the control computer I have in the machine is a 160mhz pentium single board embedded computer with 64 meg memory. It is not capable of running XP satisfactorily so mach3 is out.)
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Re: No output drive to motors from board????

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:33 am

You didn't mention which board you have, 1axis, 2 axis, 3 axis , 4 axis, or other driver??
If this is all about the TB6560, I suggest you trying it on Mach3 with a PC through a parallel cable. Plus, you may need to double check the resolution setting on the board. If the motor was buzzing loud, it was either that the stepping resolution or the frequency (your device) output was set too high to handle.


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