Pro 4060 (400mm x 600mm) X-Y table

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Pro 4060 (400mm x 600mm) X-Y table

Postby Tech_Marco » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:58 pm

Have received the prototype of the 4060 and the performance was great from a prelimary test. It can easily go up to 800mm/s and runs very smooth.

5x 4060 and 5x 90120 (900mm x 1200mm) have been ordered and should arrive in about 3 ~4 weeks. Anyone interested, let me know. Note, the unit will be shipped in semi-assembled form.

First, the XY bed being built-up by a laser Pro and tested it. Then he will disassemble it in to four main parts but not down to pieces. The track, guide, motors, switches are all installed on top of each aluminium bar. The belt, the coupliing are need to be installed by customer. Plus, the 4 pieces aluminum bar are not attached as well. The way to do is to mininize the shipping space and avoid damage during shipping.


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