2012 DSP Hot!

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2012 DSP Hot!

Postby Tech_Marco » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:13 pm

Foks, 10x new DSP card ,the 2012 (AWC-608) have already sold out last week. There were so many 'early bird' and 7 of those pre-sold 2 weeks before the card came. There were supposed 4(5) cards came on last Monday but again, it's being blocked by the US Custom. Per DHL, it will delivery tomorrow. Bad news is that 3 of those already sold and I have 1 left (1 in my office in China). But don't worry, 29x cards will be avaialbe in about 10 days.

The demanding for the new card is so high and 150x has sold out in China. Now, my friends sent 200x in the production and it should be available in 4 days. It take 5~6 days + 1~2 days delay by US Custom. So, I can project that the 29x card should be arrive town by the end of this month

I have to make a coorrection about the 1st shipment of the 2012. It didn't come with NIC (networking feature). But the new shipment (not couting the 4 coming) will does all. Plus, a new version software should be ready soon.

I have to apologize that the manual for the new card wasn't ready yet. But once I have my hands on, I will make up a draft and post it as quick as possible.

One more thing, the panel is silver in color but I may change it after I arrive China.


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