New laser software

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New laser software

Postby Tech_Marco » Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:41 pm

We will launch a new software for the DSP on May and it will be named differently other than 'LaserCad'
A few new features will be added such as 'ramp engraving', '256 grey scale engraving', 'dedicated rotary axis', 'camera capture','Printer driver', and more..

We will implement security check on the software to avoid sharing or copying. If anyone share the software without authorization, he will no longer receive support or update from us. Plus, for those DSP cards sharing same software may ended up being locked and warrant voided. So, please Do NOT share the software to anyone who is not our customer or you may face the the consequence.

I found that a few customer posted links directed to China seller who is selling similar products that we're selling. Sorry, it is not allowed and please stop doing so. Your account may be disabled if I see it. I worked hard to make a product to function better and I desired the credit. It is not fair to direct my business to other party who done nothing to support the community

Thank you for all your attention and cooperation!


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