Who will I provide tech support?

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Who will I provide tech support?

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:12 pm

There are a few folks may found cheaper DSP or other products similar to my inventory from some China website. The DSP card they're selling is not authorized to sell to oversea but to the local of China for laser manufacturer only. It's an 'oem' product and no support will be provided from those sellers as they don't know nothing about it. It's just like Windows OS oem for Dell or for IBM that intentional for the new machine installation. It is not "legal" to sell in retail unless otherwise.

They show very low price and get you "hook". It's some sort of business tactic and very common in China. They don't have it in stock and my partner refuse (DSP maker) to sell card at that low price. But once you have been connected, they will tell you other story or upgrade to whatever card they have on hand. I'm the only authorized seller to distribute the AWC608 card worldwide with support direct by the engineer. Anyone buy it from them may take a great risk getting low quality card and/or "zero" support. Yes, you may save some $ but it may end up nightmare. When problem came, you lost big time. Either paying high return shipping cost and wait for weeks before getting a replacement, or ended up nothing in return.

In order for me to support, I need order# for verification. From now on, I'm not going to post new software or OS upgrade but I will post it on my forum. It will be available upon request. I refuse to help to anyone who bought the card from someone else and turned to me for support. But I don't have a problem that one get help from other folks in this forum. I just want to make it clear and state my bottom line.

There are a lot of 'irresponsible' seller in China selling similar items (either copy my pictures or manual and not just limited to the DSP card), then sell it at a portion of my price. They keep monitoring my website and my eBay (I gave it up already) and sell the same things with lower price. Those seller are 'cheater' and they like to make up a lot of stories to get a deal from you. Some even pretending to be my supplier, like the "Thurnder man". I can't beat their price as I pay uncle SAM 30% tax, State tax, employee 401K...etc.

I'm believing that my price is very competitive but still fell short when comparing to those seller in China. If you' ask me to match the price, please save your time as I wont do it and I can't. But if you order a bundle things, I may either throw in some freebies or offer a qty discount. That's something I may be able to do so.

Thank you for your support and understanding


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