An upgrade chip for better JOG control

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An upgrade chip for better JOG control

Postby Tech_Marco » Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:50 pm

With the new chip installed, you can jog as small as 0.1mm per step. Before, it's fixed to 10mm per step ... egoryId=11

Price is $13.5 but if you send back the old chip, I'll credit $10 back to your account

To install the new chip, you need to open the LCD cover with a screw driver. To root the chip out, you need to do it slowly and caution. Use a screw driver to pull it up little by little on each end. Do not try to pull it out at once or the pins will ban over and become useless.

When installing a new new chip, firstly put one side of 40pin half way in, then push the whole chip toward to that side with gentle force. Aim the opened 40pin to the socket holes and gradually press it down. Again, do it carefully and avoid pin pin banned.

After power it up, the system should show:


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