2 CH 1527 - relay pinout incorrect

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2 CH 1527 - relay pinout incorrect

Postby cpeterlotz » Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:45 pm

I just picked up a 2 CH 1527 TX/RX set and an extra TX. I built a quick jig and had no problems at all- learning the remotes was quick and easy, and I could control both channels as expected.

Then I built up the circuit I am going to be using. For my application, I need two momentary normally open contacts, but I want to prevent both from being closed simultaneously. This is an easy issue to resolve- I simply fed the CH2's common from CH1's NC contact. This way CH1 is inactive, CH2 can be activated- but anytime CH1 is activated, it disconnects CH2's feed.

But when I went to test it, it didn't work- only CH1 had an output.

A quick check with a meter revealed the answer- the documented pinout for the relays is wrong. For each of the relays, the terminals are labeled A, B, and C. The legend indicates that A is normally closed, B is normally open, and C is common. This is incorrect- B and C are inverted and the correct legend should be;

A = Normally Closed
B = Common
C= Normally Open

Note that if you are only using the normally open contact, it doesn't matter- this only is an issue if you attempt to use the normally closed contact. i suspect that this has not been an issue for most people since the majority of applications use only normally open contacts.

Using this corrected pinout, I was able to rewire up circuit and it works exactly as expected.

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