12 channel remotes / receivers

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12 channel remotes / receivers

Postby sparkey4 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:51 am

I purchased several of the 12 channel remote/receivers from you about a year ago. I set them up and had no problems. A couple of the remotes became damaged and un-usable, so I purchased 6 new ones. When I got them, I tried to associate them with the existing receivers by pressing the learn button and pressing the 3 button for momentary. The receiver beeps 3 times indicating that it has received the signal, but it does not work when any of the buttons are pressed (none of the relays operate). The receivers were originally set up with remotes using the 2622 chip set. I noticed that the new remotes are using the 1527 chip set. Can the receivers operate off of both?

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