8 Ch RF Relays APDC-8L Programming trouble.

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8 Ch RF Relays APDC-8L Programming trouble.

Postby Rev. Noch » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:00 pm


I've had my APDC-8L model RF Remote control for a couple of years now. Unfortunately I have lost the remote that I was able to use with the device, the good news is I have a spare. Then comes more bad news, I can't get the device to respond to anything when I press buttons on the spare remote. This version of the device has a learning button and no jumpers. The relays are laid out in a 4x2 pattern on the sides of the board.

I have checked the forums for instructions on this device and I was unable to find one that matches the device that I have. The closest that I have come is one of the sets of instructions say to hold the learn button for 10 seconds to release all prior programming information. That seems to work as the LED turns off at exactly 10 seconds of holding the button down. If I press the learn button any shorter amount of time, the LED turns off and then pressing the learn button again doesn't generate any response. The remote doesn't seem to be causing the board to do anything at all. I've tried pressing every button on the remote, while the LED is on, while it's off, just after it was turned off, and after holding it down for 3 seconds. Still nothing.

What should I try now?

Any help is appreciated and unfortunately, time is of the essence. I'm running a ghost story program next Friday at a camp for adopted children. I was needing this remote so that I could trigger the various hardware for the stories, but at this point I'm feeling pretty stuck.

Thanks in advance,

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