How to manage your eBay and Amazon sales easy and low cost

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How to manage your eBay and Amazon sales easy and low cost

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:43 pm

I use "" for so many years to manage my sales on eBay and now on Amazon. Plus, I use as my online postage sevice provider. The AS built-in module capable to integrate it with the Endicia's Dazzale shipping module and works like a champ. Plus, it 'talk' direct with eBay through API so you can get ebay sales info instantly from feedback to update tracking ,all can be done by a click or two.

AS charge me $10 per PC and no limitation of how many account per PC. If you have say 3 eBay accounts, you can install the AS in 3 different folders and it can handle all and still paying $10/m. The good thing about the AS is that it show all info about the sales on eBay: on going auction, fixed price, bids, no big, sold, sold with pay, sold without pay, feedback.... you name it.

I haven't used ChannelAdvisor but I was scared out by it's high price. I think it cost $500/m. So forget it eventhough it may comes with more tools.

By the way, AS (auctionsage) now support Amazon sales by reading sales report. In addition, you can use it to handle your websales as it's capable to do importing from .csv file or .txt files. Great tools!!

The most important is that the owner of Auctionsafge his name John is very helpful. If you have a question, he will get back to you in the same day in most case. Great support and it's even better than me :mrgreen:

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Re: How to manage your eBay and Amazon sales easy and low co

Postby stairbuilder » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:30 pm

I'm going to check auctionsage out.

I use stitchlabs(like channel adviser, but I spend $125 a month on it) Xero(bookkeeping) and shipstation for shipping. I keep adding community marketplaces as stich integrates them. They are local to both of us, in San Fran or near I think...I'm in VacaVille, and although they are new they have great customer support and are adding to the software constantly.

There is a new market place that stands a good chance of taking some of ebay and amazon's business. It is called Jet and there has been a lot of buzz about it. My experience is that amazon in a lot of ways is worse than ebay with rules and much less forgiving on sellers

Anyway good luch with lightobject and I will post up if/when I come up with any nifty tools for eCommerce.

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