Fixed a MayTag Dryer

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Fixed a MayTag Dryer

Postby Tech_Marco » Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:08 pm

My 10 years old Maytag dryer died about 10 days ago. Usually people may want to throw away and get a new one. But after seeing the new price tag from the store, I decided to get a try to 'wake' it up. After taking parts out and I felt that may be I just bought a new one as it's been 10yrs. My wife want to get one from "Best XXX" I hated it as they have very bad custom services if you're trying to return something even brand new and defective, they charged you 15% restocking fee. Anyway, she desperately need a dryer so we ordered a cheaper version but not the high tech with computer. What for to have computerize dryer and the price tag was $800 to $1200! So, we picked the mechanical control other than the computer with soft-touch. But the bad thing was that they only have such such day for delivery and if we didn't stay to receive it, the "Best XXX" will delivery to the next customer. I told them I paid it in full and why couldn't delivery in other day. "Sorry, it's our policy. You have to wait possible till the end of the Jan for another dryer". What the..... So, I decided to put my hands on see if I could extend the life of the old 'fellow'

My wife told me that the dryer didn't get any hot air and in the middle of process. Then, the next day it wouldn't spinning at all. First thing came to mind was that "fuse may be burned". So, I unplugged the dryer and took off a small cover from the machine. But I didn't see any fuse but just found 3 big bolts and cable attached to it. I looked around the machine and didn't find screws that allowing me to unscrew it and approach the fuse box. That feeling wasn't quite good as it was telling me that I need to prepare hard work.

First thing to do was to search tech manual from Maytag. I found a basic sechmatic and the parts diagram. But it didn't tell me how or where to get approach to the fuse. Anyhow, I found the part # and I ordered two sets from Amazon. I spent an hour to inspect the machine and decieded to parts out, one by one, starting fro mthe control station. I opened it up and I found a control unit with so many wires attached to it. It is the timer. I found two wires attached to the door so it must be the 'safety' switch that shut off the machine if anyone open the door while it's running. I check the contiunity and it worked. I checked the temperature selector and it seems working properly.

I reviewed the the sechmatic and it showed me that therer were two sensors: thermisistor and a thermo fuse. It's hard to see as it was hidden next to the heating element. I checked the thermisistor and it was 'closed' so it was good. I checked the fuse and it's "opened" circuit. Bingo! That's a blew fuse issue. I did something and you may through that I was stupid. Since I didn't have the fuse with me so I bypass the fuse and hook two wires together. Guess what, the dryer spin again but the heating element sparked and the connector was burned. What the hack was happening? :o Two possibilties: either the heating elelment touched the panel and caused shorted circuit or without the thermisistor in control, the heat element over-heated. But more than less I believed it was the 1st case. Without thermisistor controlling, the heating element should be turnning in red insteda of 'expose'. Lucky that the part I ordered from the Amazon came with three parts and one of those was the thermisistor.

I replaced the two parts and ran a test. OMG, it worked! I didn't hear any spark this time and hot air was blowing.

Next time when you dryer stop working, don't throw it away and it's low cost to fix it. In my case, it cost less than $20. Well, I have to spend about 5 hrs for repair but it is worthed as I learned something new and save me $600.

I though that it is good experience to share with to your folks


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