JLD634 Auto Tune when modl = SV

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JLD634 Auto Tune when modl = SV

Postby rkindred77 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:23 am

I notice in the manual that auto tune only runs when Modl = SV which is set when passcode 0089 is entered. Assume that a program has been entered under password 2000 to run a ramp and soak application which is based on minutes in which Modl under (0089) would be set to M-PV. When you change Modl to SV what happens to your settings in password 2000 if they are based in minutes? Do I need to convert the minutes in password 2000 setup to seconds so auto tune will function properly? I am new at this, so maybe auto tune will not work in this instance because it reads the information in password 0036.
example: Time is in minutes, temp is in Fahrenheit. This is a firing schedule for my kiln.
CO1=0,TO1=30,SVO1=40 take 30 minutes to attain 180f
CO2=0,TO2=240,SVO2=180 hold 180f for 240 minutes
CO3=0,TO3=150,SVO3=600 take 150 minutes to attain 600f
CO4=0,TO4=5,SVO4=600 hold 600f for 5 minutes
CO5=0,TO5=120,SVO5=1650 take 120 minutes to attain 1650f
C06=0,TO6=5,SVO6=1650 hold 1650f for 5 minutes
CO7=0,TO7=323,SVO7=2232 take 323 minutes to attain 2232f
CO8=0,T08=30,SVO8=2232 hold 2232f for 30 minutes
CO9=0,T09=0,SVO9=2232 Turn off kiln manually and let cool.
Will auto tune work with this? I might be off on the logic for the holds that I have entered manually. Once I get my RS485 to USB adapter I will be able to upload the profile I built in the software application on my PC.

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