JLD612 Temperature Controller

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JLD612 Temperature Controller

Postby rosso001 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:11 pm

I am trying to use both J1 and J 2 as dry contact relays passing 24 vac through them that my transformer supply’s. I am using J1 #4 and #5 normally open, and J2 #13 and #14 normally open. J1 works fine, it will latch when the PT 100 probe is under 80F, and unlatch when I reach 82F. The problem is with J2, when the probe is under 80F it will latch, when the probe is 82F it wont unlatch. I have never had this work on the JLD612 from this site, but I have had this work consistently with the XMT 612 which is the same controller made by Versatile. Any ideas?

My settings
Inty = p 100
Outy = 2
Hy = 3
P56 = 0
Rd = 0
C or F = 1

P = 5.0
I = 100
D = 20
SouF = .2
Ot = 2
FiLt = 0

Su = 80
AH1 = 80
AL1 = 82
AH2 = 80
AL2 = 82

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Re: JLD612 Temperature Controller

Postby Tech_Marco » Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:20 pm

Hello rosso001:

I replied yesterday and today afternoon that there was something wrong on your setting. I believed that you're doing "heating" process so that the value of AH must be larger than AL (AH > AL). If you look at my manual, the AH and AL are controlling "heat" zone.

For example: if your SV temperature is 80'F you shouldn't set AH = 80'F and AL=82'F (Only in cooling process should AL > AH). The problem is that the relay can not unlatch if temperature couldn't go over 82'F. Plus, the AH and AL both will get latched when temperature is going below 80'F. The logic doesn't sounds right to me. Of your setup, you're trying to use "Cooling control mechanism" for heating process." Remember that AH and AL are serving as "alarm". It trigger device like a bell or lamp to alert user that temperature is over-heated and action is required to correct the problem. With Outy=2, the major output is the SSR signal that used to drive a heating element

To fix the problem, you just need to set AH=82, AL=80 that should take care your problem

By the way, "Versatile Control & Technologies" were the name we made up for our oem controller if I'm not forgotten. It was back to 7 years ago. There were two major manufacturers making the JLD612 (was named XMT612 before, then TET612) for us when we're doing eBay solely. At that time, no one was selling temperature controller on eBay beside a few used RKC, Omega, Orion... I should be the first one to start selling temperature controller on eBay 8-)


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