130W Hybrid

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130W Hybrid

Postby Axeman » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:17 am

I saw the 130W hybrid pop up on the store front there...being able to cut 2mm Stainless w/ oxygen assist? Oh my goodness... :o

Is there more specs to be posted? I'd love to know more of what's inside, the DSP used, type of steppers/servos, the guide rails inside, etc. Definitely on my Christmas wish list!

I guess another question is, what is the minimum I can cut with this thing? Can I dial it down low enough to cleanly cut as thin as paper? 3mm wood? 1.5mm wood? Or is it only "big league" stuff?

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Re: 130W Hybrid

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:26 pm

We haven't much info to share yet until we finished some test. The 130W may not get nice cut on 2mm stainless steel because it has to run at very slow like 3~4mm/s. I was told that it could cut well on 1.5mm with decent speed and result. For sure the 150W will handle the 2mm stainless and 4mm mild steel well. We're going to set it up for both 130W and 150W and run some test. Once I have the test data ready, I'll post it on here asap ;)

We're going to carry another brand laser tube "YongLi" who make nice "A series" laser tube and widely used in hybrid system. Plus, they do manufacturing 280W CO2 laser as well! With 280W laser tube, it can handle 4mm stainless steel and 6mm mild steel, crazy isn't it!

To answer your question about the thickness to be cut, yes it can cut any thickness non-metal by changing focus point like a regular CO2 laser. What we need to do is to disable the "Auto focus" because it is only reacted to the metal materials.

BTW, price for the Hybrid is not firmed yet. The good thing is that it is will be less than $16,500 for sure.


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