60W Power supply keeps failing - SOLVED (I think)

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60W Power supply keeps failing - SOLVED (I think)

Postby audiomath » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:48 pm

I believe I've found out why the power supplies (PSU's) keep failing. I made it a new topic because I want it to be clear it isn't the fault of the PSU's.

After installing a spare PSU, I noticed the output of the tube was down as compared to before the last PSU failed. I started a job, opened the back cover and found what appears to be an internal arc in the tube! If you can see the video, notice the carbon track around the inside envelope.

So... It looks like I'll be ordering a new PSU *and* a new tube. Now to decide whether to stay with the 60W power level, or drop back to 40W.
I have an extension bolted on the cabinet for the 60W tube, it's easy to take off.

If anyone has any comments, please do so.The video is attached. I'm going to order parts in the morning here on the US West Coast, so if there's something you see there, please let me know.

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