Be careful buying laser machine from eBay

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Be careful buying laser machine from eBay

Postby Tech_Marco » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:00 pm

I want to warn you guys to stay away a few model of laser machine selling on eBay! Those machine are junk and will give you a lot of trouble sooner or later.

I have received a few emails from different users in different State trying to get my support in last few months> All of them are having trouble with this particular RED laser machine. The worst one is keep escaping and line seems wobbling and circle seems deformed. See picture of the RED Box

SHmachine.jpg ... Swax5Y0PY3

This machine come with claimed to have 60W but I doubt it. Why? Look at the size of the case, it is shorter than 1200mm while a 60W do need 1.2M in length. More or less, this machine may comes with a 45W tube and over driven to 60W. So, in a few weeks later, be expecting to get a replacement because you will be experiencing low power or no output!

You know, a bad tube wasn't the worst case because you can buy a replacement (from me Ha..ha..). The worst thing is the mechanics parts like the pulley and mirror mount. Those parts are low quality and I'll say it is almost not repairable when machine experiencing wobble or non-straight line without tear down the gantry to rebuilt. But the point is, it is not possible to get those parts because it is built not in a common way.

Therefore, take my advise: Stay away from this red box!!


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