no laser for first 8-12 seconds

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no laser for first 8-12 seconds

Postby funhawke » Wed May 17, 2017 2:02 pm


For some reason my laser cutter has no power for the first 8-12 seconds of each operation. It starts with 0.02 power and eventually gets up to consistant"ish" 7.0 on volt meter (I am cutting cloth twill so very low power needed). I have been away from the machine some time due to travelling etc but when I returned to operation I noticed that it was not cutting, particularly the beginning of the cut. I studied the volt meter and found a delay or warm up to full power. Also the power from laser tube (Reci 80w) does not seem to be as strong as it was but it doesn't have many hours on it (got it last summer) Any thoughts anyone?

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