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Postby twehr » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:32 am

Welcome to the CO2 Laser Discussion section of the LightObject Forum.

This is the place for laser users to come together and:
    Discuss techniques
    Showcase their projects
    Ask general questions
    Talk about the business side of the laser business
    Enjoy the company of others with similar interests

One thing we will not be doing here, is providing technical support for the products sold through LightObject. That is available to you at http://www.lightobject.info/viewforum.php?f=8. There you can get the facts from Marco (and occasionally from me). Here you would likely get just opinions. So please use that resource for your LightObject-related technical questions.

We don't have any really hard fast rules here. Just three that will be enforced rigorously:
    1. Be respectful of others - some have more experience, but we all have different experiences - we can learn from each other.
    2. No blatant ads or badmouthing any company's products - we are generously hosted by Marco at LightObject's commercial site - all comments should be constructive.
    3. No spam (in this case - non-laser-related posts).

Finally, so that future readers can easily search for and find the specific information they need, keep on-topic. If you have a comment that does not strictly stay on-point, please start a new thread.

Other than that, we only ask that you use the site, enjoy your time here, and spread the word - we would love to have a large community of readers and contributors.

Thanks for being here!


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