Manufacturing Pro X-Y table

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Manufacturing Pro X-Y table

Postby Tech_Marco » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:56 pm

One of the major part on a CO2 machine is the dynamic X Y table. How good (or bad) of a piece of artwork result is heavily relying on the table. For a DIY project, I think the hardest thing to find and to build is the X Y table, while other parts can be found from so many provider in the market. But there is a few shop can supply you a professional X Y table with decent speed.

Since we provide many parts for DIY Co2 laser machine, we decided to get one more step further by making our own X Y table. The table will be bundle as a kit so you will build up a strong experience once the table is built. You will become a PrePro once you build up a DIY machine with the table and other parts like a Co2 tube, power supply, mirror set up, and DSP controler set up.


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